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Get HP iLO firmware version from all servers

Whether you are planning to upgrade your HP iLO’s firmware or just want a list of the current iLO firmware. HP created a PowerShell cmdlet, that can help you retrieve this information. But I did not find this HP iLO cmdlet very useful when I wanted to retrieve the firmware information from a long list of servers.

First problem. If you have a list of servers you want to check, you will just get one long list of firmware information directly in Powershell or exported to a text file. But the problem is that the hostname was not written. So there was no chance to match the server to the firmware version installed on the HP iLO.

Second problem: If you just used the standard command’s that HP suggests, you would receive a lot of unnecessary information about the HP iLO’s.

The two above problems made it very hard to use because of the missing hostname information and the to much information about the iLO. 
I therefore needed to create way around it, so information was pulled the right way.
The script:
1. Start by downloading the HP iLO cmdlet from HP here
2. Create a list/text file of server iLO's you want to check. (This can be hostnames or ip-adresses)
3. Change the below Powershell script so it fits your environment 
(Change the following: cmdlet path, PATH-TO-FILE-WITH-Servers, username and password)
4. Enjoy a list where the hostname are listed first and then the HP iLO firmware version after.
Import-Module -Name "C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\PowerShell\Modules\HPiLOCmdlets\HPiLOCmdlets.psm1"
$iLOIPs = get-content -Path  $iLOIP =Get-Content "PATH-TO-FILE-WITH-SERVERS"
foreach ($IP in $iLOIPs)
$info = Get-HPiLOServerInfo -Server $iLOIP -Username [USERNAME] -Password [PASSWORD] -DisableCertificateAuthentication -Category FirmwareInfo -Verbose 
$computer = $info.HOSTNAME
$computer | out-file c:\temp\text.txt -Append
$info.FIRMWAREinfo[1] | out-file c:\temp\text.txt -Append

Feel free to change the script as you like :).

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