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PowerShell: Delete Mutiple SCCM Devices from SCCM

PowerShell is, without doubt, the future of administration in SCCM. Because it's faster and easier to do complicated things or add multiple items into SCCM with PowerShell instead of using the GUI. I'm trying to use PowerShell as much as possible, but it's hard to remember all command's, then you don't use them every day, so I will use this as a reference book. In the future, I will post many PowerShell that I have created or find useful for future purposes. I hope you can find some of the script or information on this site useful in your daily work. [...]

SCCM: Logs and descriptions

SCCM Client Log Files CAS - Content Access Service. Maintains the local package cache. Ccmexec.log - Records activities of the client and the SMS Agent Host service. CertificateMaintenance.log - Maintains certificates for Active Directory directory service and management points. ClientIDManagerStartup.log - Creates and maintains the client GUID. ClientLocation.log - Site assignment tasks. ContentTransferManager.log - Schedules the Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) or the Server Message Block (SMB) to download or to access SMS packages. DataTransferService.log - Records all BITS communication for policy or package access. Execmgr.log - Records advertisements that run. (This) FileBITS.log - Records all SMB package access tasks. [...]

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Powershell: Add List Of Devices To Collection

This is a very simple PowerShell Script, that will make your daily Operations in SCCM so much easier! This PowerShell script will add a list of computer/devices into a collection. Remember that there are many ways of doing it! But I think this is the easiest way to add bulk devices to a collection. If you find another easier way of doing it, please share your find in the comment field below. So let's get to it! Below here you see 2 different PowerShell commands. Both commands will add a list of devices to a specific collection. Both commands are very [...]

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