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PowerShell: Get all distribution packages with distribution Error

If you have an SCCM environment with many distribution points or/and many packages, it can sometimes be difficult to get the total overview of the distribution status directly from the manager console.  In my company, it’s very important to have all software available for all distribution points or office locations. From time to time we see failed distributions til distributions point far away or to distributions points with low bandwidth. To make sure we have all software available on all distribution point, we validate distribution status every week, to ensure we have 100% success with software distribution for distribution points.

The easiest way to get this distribution status is via PowerShell.


PowerShell :

Get-CMDistributionStatus | Where-Object {$_.NumberErrors -ge 1} | Format-Table -AutoSize -Property SmsProviderObjectPath, NumberErrors, NumberInProgress, NumberSuccess, PackageID, Targeted | Format-List


The above PowerShell command will give you a nice formatted table over the packages that have at least 1 failed distribution for a distribution point.
The output of the command will look something like this:

distribution status

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